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In retrospect when I look back, I feel my poor results in school were due to dyslexia. But very early in life I knew I wanted to become a photographer. Very early I picked up camera and it gave me a sense of self worth. It was a struggle to understand but I was willing to struggle.

Just like others around me, I thought it was a phase, till I reached my college and realized, I could not see myself studying computers and a science graduation even for next 3 years. So I landed up at the J J School of Arts to study photography along with a less time consuming Economics Graduation.

The next step obviously was to go to train under an expert hand, so I knocked on Suresh Natarjans Studio, but I guess that was not meant to be. He had Six assistants and there was no place for new one. I decided IF NOT HIM THEN NO ONE ELSE. So, I picked up my camera and it was the time for real struggle.